Tools & Utilities

Cheque Printing

Cheque Printing allow to enter cheque information and print details on bank cheques. Different cheque format can be set for printing.

Label Printing

Label Printing allow to enter label information and print details on labels. Different label format can be set for printing.

Address Book

Address Book stores contact details in alphabetical order and records can be viewed in grid format. Filter condition can be set to search the records.

Link Explorer

Link Explorer helps to store various website links under different groups. Creation of user-defined groups and links can be done. Ranking of site links is possible.

CD Explorer

Cd Explorer can create file structure of any storage media like cd, dvd, pendrive, harddisk etc. Automatically stores history & attributes of each file/folder. User can find any file/folder with various searching options. File structure can be exported to excel.

Vfp Explorer

Vfp Explorer search the folder for all vfp files and presents in tree format. Any of the file can be compiled, run, modify based on file type. Temporary files can be automatically deleted from selected folder.

Set up Installer

Setup Installer give list of installable file for any software setup. User defined commands can be specified before executing any file. Silent installation of any setup file is possible. .

Xml to Xls

Xml to Xls converts selected xml format file into excel format file based on in-built functions. Conversion depends on the format of supplied xml file.

Excel Report

Excel Report can extract data from any database and convert into excel format. It allows to create database connection, data queries and grid reports.

HTML Convert

Html Convert is useful for converting vfp reports into html format. Conversion depends on the formatting of specified vfp report.

File Conversion

File Conversion outputs formatted text/excel file from supplied input file based on user’s criteria. Conversion process depends on the formatting of input file specified.

Auto Entry

Auto Entry fills the web based entry forms automatically from excel file records. It picks data from excel, fill web form, submit form and prepare new entry form automatically without user’s intervention.

Ini Editor

Ini Editor helps to edit ini file contents without effecting its structuring. It allows to change parameter value based on selected key under specified section.

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